Green Tomato Heaven

All sliced up with noplace to go

Today in my kitchen I opened a spa for green tomatoes.  After checking out all sorts of recipes online and in print, I settled on a sweet green tomato pickle to use up some of my harvest.  Not having any experience whatsoever with green tomatoes, I had some basic questions.  Are they all created equal?  Do different varieties taste different?  I still don’t know the answers, but I can tell you this from experience–green ‘Sungold’ tomatoes are very different than green ‘Valenicia’.  As in, the former is inedible, and the latter…well, I could imagine frying some up, or maybe tossed with pasta.  Maybe.  But after talking for a week about what to do with them, I have my husband on the run.  I don’t think he’ll eat anything green, in any form, that ends up on his plate, until he knows exactly how those mystery fruit are disposed of.

Everyone in the hot tub!

After cutting 10 ‘Valencia’ tomatoes off the vine, washing, and slicing them, I prepared their spa bath.   As it simmered, I savored the aromas of fall wafting through my kitchen.  You see, fall already has us in its grip here in the PNW.  Leaves are just beginning to change colors and the air, while not yet cold, has the slight bite to it that says change is here.  We’re all pretty excited about it.  I noticed a neighbor family put Halloween decorations up–on September 1.  And back in my kitchen, this morning, I summoned up the spirits of Autumn with hefty amounts of cinnamon and clove.

I wonder how these will taste?  Tomorrow I’ll crack open a

Resting on the countertop

 jar and put the contents to the test.  My recipe suggests serving this unusual pickle as a condiment with any fall meal.  Sounds good to me, as I’ve got stews, soups, and hearty roast meats on the brain.  I’m hoping for something unusual but tasty.  Perhaps not a culinary adventure, but more like a walk in a new, pleasant neighborhood.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to coax my husband into giving one a nibble.


About Ilana M Calvert

I have a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture, but I spend my time pursuing fiber arts--weaving, knitting, and spinning. Occasionally I dabble in Scottish-style fiddle playing. Most importantly, I am a wife and a "mom" to a beautiful Great Dane.
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