The natural cycle of things

(Has it really been over a month since my last post?  Eeek.)

When I last wrote, it was starting to feel like fall.  Now it LOOKS like fall, to the fullest.  My late-turning japanese maples are now aglow and my fothergilla, which last year disappointed me with a mild yellow, is working on redefining “on fire”.   Gardening articles are starting to talk about fall foliage and bloom in a garden, and the new crop of books that will sustain us through the winter. 

I find myself in this season appreciating my garden in a different

Can you say bonfire?

 way.  Now it’s not so much the excitement of new growth or the thrill of a good bloom, but the subtle satisfaction of good structure and the closing of the year.  I enjoy being able to sit back and not needing to tend to things so much–simply pulling the occasional weed and pruning the few branches that require it after the first storms of the season.  The garden is by its nature a quiet, peaceful place, but the slowing of activity brings this to my attention in a different way.

The fall mole is trapped.  The leaves are being added to the compost pile.  The grass no longer demands 3 hours of attention a week behind the push-mower.  The garden is quietly closing out its cycle for the year, to rest a while before returning again.  I look forward to new catalogs and ideas to pique my interest for the next 4 months or so, until I can get back out there for the next yearly installment of my gardening life.


About Ilana M Calvert

I have a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture, but I spend my time pursuing fiber arts--weaving, knitting, and spinning. Occasionally I dabble in Scottish-style fiddle playing. Most importantly, I am a wife and a "mom" to a beautiful Great Dane.
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  1. Rogue Husband says:

    Nice site. I enjoy reading about how you live your life……

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