Great things that start with “G”

…and now for something completely different.  Random, dare I say rogue?, thoughts as my day winds down towards the structure and routine of evening.  Reminiscing on the letter G, which of course is great itself.  Not my favorite letter, maybe, and some of my favorite things just don’t start with G.  Like Kingfishers.  But, the following do.

A gold-crown in hospital1.  Golden-crowned Kinglet:  I’ve been seeing these little guys flitting about in the shrubbery while out on my morning walks.  I think of them as being more arboreal but just last week I came upon a small flock at eye level and even was treated to a, well, golden crown.  The little guy in the photo was a hapless victim of my dining-room window last fall.  I couldn’t figure out why my dog was so interested in a leaf on the deck–when I investigated, I found him.  Wrapped him up, put him in the sun to warm, and sure enough, within a half hour he was gone.

2.  Goats:  My family kept a couple of goats as pets as I grew up, and they were fun to have around.  They are easy to keep and will take as little or as much affection and attention as you want to give them.  My husband and I sincerely hope that at some point in the future we’ll live on property where we can keep a couple of goats and enjoy their sparkly personalities.  And this great “G” is a perfect lead in to #3:

3.  Galbert, Peter: For some irresistibly cute goat photos check out woodworker Peter Galbert’s blog, Chair Notes.  Then after you’ve scoured his site and woken from your daydreams of having a small flock of your own, admire the woodworking he does, and his approach to life.

4.  (g)nitting: OK, total fudge here.  But couldn’t it still be pronounced correctly?  I am teaching myself to knit, and am working on a scarf for my sweetie.  I am using an easy enough pattern and have great book instruction, but have to confess I am most likely a bit beyond myself with my choice of yarn and even the choice of scarf as first project (I just KNEW I should have gone with a couple of dishcloths!).  Today I discovered Ravelry online.  Totally cool and now I have a major burn to get up there and knit my life away.  Or at least finish this scarf so I can move on to the next project, learn new skills and maybe, just maybe, eventually make a sweater or something cute for my little nephew in time for next Christmas.

5.  Great Danes: in general, and one in particular.  I could write a whole blog about my Callie.  She can always bring a smile to my face

The Princess

The Princess

and gives me a laugh every day.  I hope this summer to take more pictures of her in my garden and have her presence on this blog.  She is my silly, goofy girl, and quite literally my reason for getting up each morning–girls gotta stroll!

6-10.  Gardens, gardening, gardeners, garden blogs: I’ll have to write more about the blogs that inspired me to start this own simple venture.  I have garden projects on the brain now that we’ve had 2 days with the faintest kiss of spring in the air.  It is my impression that most PNW gardeners are praying to every entity they can think of for a better summer this year.  Scratch that, just a summer! Not too hot, just right for tomatoes and enjoying a glass of rose on the deck of a late afternoon.   As I hope, I get ideas and begin making plans….and as I do these things I hope.  A cycle, for sure, but how vicious I won’t know until July.   I’ll keep you posted!


About Ilana M Calvert

I have a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture, but I spend my time pursuing fiber arts--weaving, knitting, and spinning. Occasionally I dabble in Scottish-style fiddle playing. Most importantly, I am a wife and a "mom" to a beautiful Great Dane.
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