Adding to the lexicon

OK, so today I’m not writing about gardening or outdoor stuff, I’m just having a little fun with language.

When your darling husband (or partner, or wife, or whomever the case may be) is a woodworker, you end up with nifty little collections.  My own beloved recently went through a streak of creating salt shakers.  So once I had 4 of them lined up on my kitchen shelf, I wondered, “So, what do you call a lineup of salt shakers?”

And my answer is, I decided, a parade.   This term can be applied to any grouping of objects handmade by one sweetie to give to another (aw).  Therefore, I present to you, a parade of salt shakers:

…followed by a parade of scroll saw boxes:

….a parade of coasters:

and lastly, in a photo that doesn’t do any of them justice, a parade of bowls:

Parade.  So much more pleasant a term than, say, collection.  Say it with pride, and a smile on your face; after all, there is a lot of love involved here.


About Ilana M Calvert

I have a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture, but I spend my time pursuing fiber arts--weaving, knitting, and spinning. Occasionally I dabble in Scottish-style fiddle playing. Most importantly, I am a wife and a "mom" to a beautiful Great Dane.
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