A change of tack

Wow.  This still exists.  Wild.

Several years ago, I created this blog as a place to write about my gardening life.  I was only so-so with keeping it up, and then I really fell off the wagon–I began graduate school.  To be sure, I had more potential blog topics than ever, but I couldn’t stand to sit at the computer for longer than I had to.  When school was done, I felt even more that way.  Life continued and I found myself drawn to other pursuits.  Yes, I still did plenty of work outside, but I identified myself in other ways.

I am brought back to this blog now after visiting a dear friend yesterday.  She gave me the idea of reviving it in order to begin writing again.  In this new iteration, I am going to use this platform to write about my life with an aging dog.  I am sure that at times I will write on other topics (gardening, still, and my new pursuits in the fiber arts: knitting, weaving, and spinning), but my focus at least for now will be on Callie–reflections on her life with us, observations about the changes she is going through, and how her existence has shaped my life each and every day I’ve shared with her.

Vows to myself:  To write succinctly, with brevity, regularity and honesty.  To honor Callie in all ways.

I write for myself, but I do sincerely hope that these words do reach other pet owners, and those who share their lives with Great Danes specifically.  I welcome comment, support, and feedback, and at the same time I gently remind potential readers that this journey is my own–mine, and Callie’s, and my family’s.


About Ilana M Calvert

I have a Master's degree in Environmental Horticulture, but I spend my time pursuing fiber arts--weaving, knitting, and spinning. Occasionally I dabble in Scottish-style fiddle playing. Most importantly, I am a wife and a "mom" to a beautiful Great Dane.
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